18 years of theater fun in the sun!

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2006: First MTC Performance

Carolyn and Donna launch a summer camp program at Mountain Mist Day Camp. The first show, Wizard of Oz, was performed at Polly's Place.

2007: First Performance in Lower Pavilion

Get out the staple gun! MTC has some student designed backdrops to hang! Need a platform? Zac Efron isn't the only one who dances on tables!
2008: 3 shows in 1 summer

Carolyn and Donna always believed in giving students opportunities to choreograph, run tech, and even direct. These values would go on to become our CIT and Intern program. As a high schooler, Joe directed his first show, Dear Edwina JR.

MTC expands to 3 sessions of camp:
Session 1: Grades 1-12
Session 2: Grades 2-12
Session 3: Grades 3-12
2009: Cessa, Lindsay, and Joe

Before they were on staff, they were on stage together as MYT students!
2010: Lindsay's obsession with Seussical begins

Campers celebrated Thursday night performances with a camp overnight!
2011: First 4th Session.

The program grows to a 4th session with the show choir style "Glee." The "black curtain" makes it debut and the pavilion is starting to look more like a theater.
Joe is recognized as Art Barber counselor of the year.
2012: CIT Program + First Teen Show

Since "Grease" wasn't appropriate for elementary schoolers, the age ranges of camp sessions were adjusted for the first time to feature elementary and middle/high school groups. 
The CIT program begins and Grease features our first ever live pit band!
The aluminum risers also make their first camp appearance.
2013: LED Lights
Sewn from fabric from JoAnns, the staff hangs a white "cyc" curtain and LED colors are seen for the first time in an MYT show. We welcome Courtney, our first stage manager, to the staff!
2014: Testing, testing, 1-2-3

It's a big year for tech with new lights and microphones. MYT is the first group in the state to perform the just released "Legally Blonde JR".
2015: Cue backdrops

A new curtain system with tabs, boarders, wings, and backdrops transforms the pavilion into a theater. All the lights, staging, curtains, and sound equipment is installed and broken down for each session (as the pavilion is rented out on the weekends).
We welcome Lindsay to the staff!
2016: Elevate the audience

In an effort to get more vertical real estate on stage (the pavilion is only 11 feet floor to ceiling), the risers are used to elevate the audience. High School Musical is the largest audience ever to enjoy a show in the Lower Pavilion.
Nich joins the staff!
2017: Debut of the MYTent

MTC moves rehearsals and performances to the new "MYTent." This flexible performance space allows staging to be set up all summer and opens up new possibilities for sets and lighting.
2018: A complete season of shows in the MYTent

MYT hosts 5 productions including the Cabaret, 3 MTC shows, and dance camp in their new performance space.
2019: Nothing to see here...

...except MTC crushing it! With the Junior Company launching in the fall, MYT is ready to take off!
2020: Lights, Camera, Action!
MYT was ready to take off....
....but then there was a global pandemic. 

After sitting inside for months during the spring of 2020, camp was just what everyone needed. Social distancing and hand sanitizing were the norm. Our CITs even taught choreography on Zoom.
MTC students got to be movie stars, producing musicals for film rather than live audiences. 
While we are so glad to be back to live performances, filming everyting was a unique experience!
2020 is also the first year we did "Zoom" auditions. For the first time students knew their roles before the first day of camp.
2021: Live Theater Returns

It was a slow journey back. Social distancing was still a thing, so our audience sat outside the tent in the fresh air. 
2022: Marquee Company

The staff took the stage with students in the debut of our "Marquee Company" production of Matilda: The Musical. 
A creative set design allowed the stage, backstage, and audience to all fit under the MYTent, ensuring rain couldn't interfere like it did in 2021.
2023: A record breaking summer

Registration and ticket sales records were broken. MTC had fun trying something new by performing "in the round."  The set featured a rotating stage and lots of bubble machines!
Jalina and Maureen join the staff!
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