Meriden YMCA Community Theatre Costume Closet
The Costume Closet has been a resource for local theatre and school programs for over 10 years!
For rental inquiries, please fill out the Google From below:
Local theater programs are invited to utilize the newly renovated Meriden YMCA Arts Academy's Community Theatre Costume Closet.  The closet is sponsored and hosted by the Meriden Youth Theatre at the YMCA since 2014 with the intent to offer schools and community theaters the ability to rent costumes, props, and sets for use in theater productions without paying the exceptionally high rental costs that can be incurred through rental companies.  
The rental fee for items begins at $5.00 per item, and $10.00 for more specialized items.  You may pick up your costumes two (2) weeks before your first dress rehearsal, or more depending on the demand for your costumes.  All costumes must be returned no later than two (2) weeks after your last performance.  All costumes MUST BE WASHED OR DRY CLEANED before return. If the costume(s), props, or sets are not returned, are damaged or unusually dirty, your organization will be charged a “repair fee” to allow for the necessary cleaning, repair or replacement.  A free full page ad in your program for Meriden Youth Theatre's upcoming productions will also be a part of the payment. 
Meriden YMCA Arts Academy's Community Theatre Costume Closet is excited about this continued opportunity, and looks forward to partnering with you!

Carolyn Daniels
Meriden YMCA Meriden Youth Theatre Program Director
In addition to many costumes and properties, our closet features sets of the following:
Shrek Costumes
Nun Costumes
Suit Jackets

Direct all costume rental questions to
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