How do I register?
Y members can register online. Non-Y members can register at the front desk of the Meriden YMCA or by calling the front desk at: (203) 235-6386. Participants must be registered to audition.

How will auditions work?
Auditions are in person at the MYT Rehearsal Hall (14-16 W Main). Once we have finalized the audition materials (a selection of lines and songs for each character), we will email the selections to participants that have registered. Auditions will be in groups be on Saturday, January 14th. Exact times will be determined based registrations. 
At auditions, students may try out for as many parts as they like. Feel free to use the digital script/music or print copies to use at your audition.

What is your attendance policy?
While most theater groups or school productions have several rehearsals throughout the week, MYT only rehearses once on Saturdays. As a result, each rehearsal covers a lot of important material each week. While the MYT Staff encourages students to participate in a wide range of a activities, they expect that when it comes to Saturday mornings, the show takes priority. A production is a commitment to yourself, the staff, and your fellow actors and actresses.

Handling Conflicts:
1. All performers will complete a conflict form due on audition day. The conflict form must list all rehearsal conflicts. Performers with three or more absences during rehearsals and production week will not be considered for major roles.
2. All performers who are offered major roles will be expected to accept their role with a signed conflict form.  If four total rehearsals are missed, for whatever reason (scheduled or unscheduled), the role may be offered to another performer.

We encourage and applaud our performers who participate in multiple activities, sports, and clubs. Please be diligent when filling out your conflict form by checking against schedules of sports, school events (chorus/band/drama/graduation), and any other activities your child participates in. Once you turn in your conflict form, it is expected that you have committed to MYT on those days.

Dress Rehearsals and Performances:
Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Any conflicts (including sports/rehearsals) should be dealt with in advance so the performer can attend all dress rehearsals and shows. Dates for rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances have been posted since August - mark your calendars now!

How many casts will there be?
At MYT, we have multiple casts for each production to provide more students the opportunity to shine on stage. From larger roles to the ensemble, every role is important in the theater. Every student is cast in the show. 

Where will rehearsals be?
Most rehearsals will be held at the MYT Rehearsal Hall in Downtown Meriden (14-16 W Main). Some rehearsals will be held at Edison Middle School.
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