Support MYT by becoming a sponsor, placing an ad, or upgrading to a performer booster!
Thank you for helping us build great shows and great kids!
The Meriden business community, family, and friends generously support the theatrical productions of the Meriden Youth Theatre at the YMCA. This fall MYT is producing 3 muscials DESCENDANTS, WIZARD OF OZ, and NORTH POLE'S GOT TALENTwith over 130 students in grades K-12!
We would like to offer you the opportunity to support all the participants and their efforts by placing an ad in this fall's digital program OR placing a program booster!
Fall and Season sponsors will have their logo displayed on a lawn sign in the lobby
Business ads will be prominently displayed at the top of all 3 digital programs.
Performer Boosters include a full screen headshot (taken by MYT, performer bio, booster from family/friends, and a pictures. 
Contributions are tax deductable, as the Meriden YMCA is a 501c Non Profit.

Thank you for your support!    Business Ad Form
Ad deadline: Nov 13th.
If you are submitting a fully designed ad or would like a logo/pictures to be included in your ad, you can upload them in the Google Form above. If the form does not work, you can email materials to​​​​​​​

Family Booster/Program Upgrade:
$25 per child OR $45 per family
Support your child and MYT's production by placing a family booster in our program. For $25, you'll get a headshot, performer bio, and the option to include a picture and shoutout to your performer!

Thank you to our 2021-22 sponsors!
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