High School Musical 2 JR Teen Company
Session 3 - Completed Grades 7-12

July 19-30
Mon-Fri 9 AM- 3 PM
Mountain Mist Day Camp
Dress rehearsal Wed July 28th @ 7 PM.

Thursday & Friday, July 29 & 30
8 PM, Mountain Mist
Bring your own lawn/folding chair. Rain or shine!
Congrats to everyone on the cast list. Remember, it's not how big a part you get - it's how big you make your part!
What to bring to camp:
Reusable Water Bottle
Script + Pencil
Sun Screen
Bathing Suit + Towel
Sneakers/closed toed shoes - no flip flops. 
Mask (required only in enclosed spaces - such as the bus, classroom, nurses office)
Optional: Nut free lunch. (All Mountain Mist Campers can enjoy FREE breakfast and hot lunch!

Do not bring electronics, toys, or valuables. The Y is not responsible for lost items.
Follow the fun!
Check out our Instagram @mytymca for snapshots and live look ins throughout the week! 

Contacting the staff:
If you need to reach us, email is preferred: myt@meridenymca.org
You can also text us: 203-4410-MYT   (203.441.0698)

Changes in Transportation:
Any changes in transportation for the day must be called in to the camp office: 203-237-7864.
Please also notify MYT staff via email so we can ensure dismissal runs smoothly, but you must call the office as well.
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