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To register, call the Y at (203) 235.6386 or visit the front desk (110 W Main).​​​​​​​
Meriden YMCA members can also register online.
Fall 2022: 3 great productions. 2 show weekends. 1 MYT family.
Builidng great shows and great kids.
This fall there is something for everyone: RISING STARS (Grades K-4), JUNIOR COMPANY (grades 5-8), and TEEN COMPANY (grades 7-12)!
MYT is an educational musical theatre program that puts students first. Our core staff is composed of educators who work tirelessly to meet the needs of each student and help them grow in the performing arts and as an individual. 
Fall programs are $149 for YMCA members and $179 for program members.
Our Program
MYT is a year round theatre program for students in grades K-12. A staff of classroom educators use musical theatre to teach students important life skils such as communication, teamwork, collaboration, and acceptance. 
NEW this year!
There is a slight shift in our program timeline this year. Our Rising Star and Junior Company productiosn will take place in the beginning of December, while our Teen Company will perform at the start of January. Our spring musical will remain at the end of April.

We can't wait to challenge each student to grow and do what we love: perform!
Register for MYT
Y Members: Register online here! **COMING SOON**
Non-members can register on the phone (203) 235.6386 or at the Downtown Meriden Y (110 W Main). **COMING SOON**
At MYT, performers register and commit to the production before auditions and the cast list come out. Theater is a team activity and we do theater not to be the lead, but to be part of a community doing what we love. We truly beleive each role is important! After all, "it's not how big a part you get, it's how big you make your part."
Auditions for the Junior Company and Teen Company will be held before rehearsals begin. Auditions are held in groups (how groups are determiend changes based on teh show) and are a fun and positive experience. At auditions, we will call forward anyone who is interested in audition for a particular role and have each student sing or read the audition selections. Students sing along with the rehearsal tracks and can use a script. 
Rehearsals are held Saturdays at the MYT Rehearsal Hall (14-16 W Main). A grownup must come up to the building to sign out students who are under 13 years of age.
Performances are held at Edison Middle School on Broad Street!
Save the dates for our fall line up!
TEEN COMPANY (Entering grades 8-12)​​​​​​​
Audition Workshop: Sept 3, 9-11 AM
Bring a friend! Registration not requried for this event.

Auditions: Sept 10, 9-1 PM
Times for groups TBA based on registration.

Rehearsals: Saturdays 9-1 PM at MYT unless noted.
Sept 17
Sept 24
Oct 1
Oct 8
Oct 15
Oct 22
Nov 5
Nov 12 - @ EDISON. Time TBD.
Nov 19 - @ EDISON. Time TBD
Nov 26
Dec 3 - No rehearal
Dec 10 - @ Edison 9-3
Dec 18 - @ Edison 9-3
Dec 24 - No Rehearsal
Dec 31

Dress Rehearsals: Mandatory at Edison.
Mon-Thur Jan 2-5th, 5:30-9
Performances: Jan 6-8th (Fri 7/Sat 2/Sat 7/Sun 2)
JUNIOR COMPANY (Entering grades 5-8)
Show to be announced soon!
Audition Workshop: Sept 3, 11-1 PM
Bring a friend! Registration not requried for this event.​​​​​​​

Auditions: Sept 10, 1-5 PM
Times for groups TBA based on registration.

Rehearsals: Saturdays 1-4 PM at MYT unless noted.​​​​​​​
Sept 17
Sept 24
Oct 1
Oct 8
Oct 15
Oct 22
Oct 29 - SPECIAL MYT EVENT​​​​​​​
Nov 5
Nov 12 - @ EDISON. Time TBD.
Nov 19 - @ EDISON. Time TBD
Nov 26

Dress Rehearsals: Mandatory at Edison
Mon-Thur Nov 28-Dec 1, 6-9 PM
Performances: Dec 2-3rd (Fri 7 / Sat 7)
RISING STARS (Entering grades K-4)​​​​​​​
Auditions: During the first and second rehearsal (Sep 17 and 24th)

Rehearsals: Saturdays 1-3 PM at MYT unless noted.​​​​​​​
Sept 17
Sept 24
Oct 1
Oct 8
Oct 15
Oct 22
Oct 29 - SPECIAL MYT EVENT​​​​​​​
Nov 5
Nov 12 - @ EDISON. Time TBD.
Nov 19 - @ EDISON. Time TBD
Nov 26

Dress Rehearsals: Mandatory at Edison
Mon-Thur Nov 28-Dec 1, 5:30-7:30 PM
Performances: Dec 3-4th (Sat 2 / Sun 2)
Spring 2023
Save the dates!

Auditions: TBD

Rehearsals: Saturdays 9-1 PM at MYT unless noted.
Jan 21
Jan 28
Feb 4
Feb 11
Feb 18
Feb 25
Mar 4
Mar 11
Mar 18
Mar 25 - at Edison 9-3
April 1 - at Edison 9-3
April 8
April 15

Dress Rehearsals: Mandatory at Edison
Mon-Thur April 17-20, 5:30-9 PM
Performances: April 21-23th (Fri 7 / Sat 2 / Sat 7 / Sun 2)
Join the MYTeam!

We are looking for enthusiastic educators to work as MYT Staff on our fall productions. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to myt@meridenymca.org by August 22nd. Interviews will be held the week of August 22nd. In your cover letter, be sure to specify which positions your are applying for.

MYT Staff MUST be able to commit to Saturday rehearsals, all dress rehearsals, and all performances of the show for which you are hired. All are paid positions unless noted.
Rising Stars Assistant Director/Choreographer 
The assistant director will help the director brainstorm and implement ideas for blocking.  Applicants should have past internship or directing experience.
Rising Stars Music Director
The Rising Star music director will teach music within the show to the cast, including solo’s, duets, and ensemble numbers.  The focus will be on learning the words and melodies to songs and understanding the story that they tell.  The music director will communicate with the choreographer to highlight music that may be helpful for specific choreography.  
Rising Stars Stage Manager (Volunteer position)
We are looking for a high school volunteer who is interested in gaining stage management experience to help with our Rising Star Production. 
Junior Company Music Director
The Junior Company music director will teach all music within the show to the cast, including solo’s, duets, ensemble numbers, and harmonies. The music director will also teach basic instruction on how to read music within a script, a crucial point in developing stronger performers for the future. Applicants should have prior experience with teaching music and must be able to read music.
Junior Company Assistant Director/Choreographer
The Junior Company assistant director/choreographer will work closely with the director to plan and implement blocking and choreography into the show. Both aspects should be taught with intermediate to advanced levels in mind. Internship with MYT or prior experience in both choreography and direction are required.

Join the MYTech Crew!
In order to enjoy high quality theater, you must first have a dedicated and reliable tech crew. The tech crew is responsible for making sure every performer is seen, heard, and captured. While the cast rehearses for 3-4 months ahead of a production, the tech crew only has 4 days to rehearse during tech week.
MYTech Crew roles are student volunteer positions. Crew members are expected to attend 1-3 rehearsals ahead of dress rehearsal week to become familiar with the show and train for their crew role. Crew members must attend every dress rehearsal and performance for the production they are working. No exceptions.
There will be 2 tech crews in the fall: One for the Rising Star and Junior Company productions, and second for the Teen Compnay production.
In order to be selected for tech crew, students must demonstrate to the staff through previous MYT expereince that they can remain focused and responsibl. Students in grades 6 and up may apply. Successful participation in 5+ MYT musicals is encouraged inorder to demonstrate all 7 required characteristics listed below:

ORGANIZATION: Always comes to rehearsal prepared, keeps track of their script, and has pencil ready.
FOCUS: Remains focused and engaged without redirection or prompting from staff during the entire rehearsal (music, blocking, or choreography rehearsals).
RESPONSIBILITY: Always follows through on tasks assigned. Student has been assinged scene transitions on runsheets and carries them out sucessfully.
DEPENDABILITY: Always on time to rehearsals, demonstrates excellent attendance.
LEADERSHIP: Student recognizes what needs to be done and can take initiative or organize a group of people to accomplish the task.
SHOW OVER SOCIALIZATION: When rehearsal is over, they stay to help the staff clean up. After shows, they stay behind to clean and strike. They volunteer to set up the piano or speakers during rehearsals.
GROWTH MINDSET: They take direction and respond well to feedback. 

Students must demonstrate all the above characteristics to the MYT staff in order to be considered for the MYTech Crew. Beginners are usually assigned roles such as photographer, videographer, and spotlight operator. Crew members often work their way up to more challenging roles such as light and sound board operators over time. Advanced roles require a strong understanding of technical theater and training to operate the equipment. 

While we want to train as many students as possible, we also need our tech crews to be run by experienced people who can operate the equipment professionally. As a result, only a few new “techies” can be trained each year.

If you are interested in a position on the MYTech crew for Fall 2022, please write Joe (joblon@meridenymca.org) a letter that includes:
-A description of your past experience (either working on tech crew or helping out during rehearsals and productions)
-Examples of how you demonstrate the 7 required characteristics at MYT
Application letters are due by October 1st.
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